5 Festival Season Essentials

One of my most prized ways to spend the summer is visiting music and yoga festivals. Sometimes it’s for work and sometimes for pleasure but either way I always have a blast. This is my list of essentials that have helped keep me smiling through all conditions.

Sun Protection:

All shades of beautiful skin ranging from Lupita Nyong’o to Tilda Swinton can be effected by the harmful rays of the sun. According to the American Skin Association UVA and UVB rays can cause damage to our skin including premature aging, skin cancer and eye cataracts. I highly recommend bringing along a pair of sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat to shield the face and eyes. The absolute must have is hypoallergenic sunscreen for face and body. Here are a few revered choices from me and my friend at Tiramisu For Breakfast.  Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer, Farmacy Green Screen SPF, Coola and Supergoop! Sunscreen Oil.


We all know that drinking water is uber important on any given day. It’s even more imperative while you are outside in the sun whooping it up at these outdoor summer events. As a rule, some doctors are saying that for each pound in your weight you should drink another half ounce to full ounce of water (source: WebMD).

1 lb (weight) x 1/2 to 1 oz per pound (water per pound)
amount of water to drink each day


Some festivals like Lockn, Floyd Fest & Rooster Walk have hydration stations set up where festival goers can fill up as needed. We can’t always rely on hosts to provide enough water to keep everyone hydrated and I recommend bringing a gallon a day, per person in your party. This may sound like overkill but based on your amount of physical exertion and the heat in the local climate you could possibly need more. Be safe and bring more than what you think you’ll need. If you have too much, there will inevitably be an opportunity to share with someone who has run out. 

As part of my eco warrior responsibility to the Earth I do not use disposable water bottles. Instead I always have a filtered water bottle in my bag. Camelbak Groove is my choice since it has a charcoal filter inside the straw to clarify the taste of any water that comes from the tap or other potable source. It’s also a good idea to have a few replenishing tabs in your first aid kit in case of dehydration. I like Nunn brand to help keep hydrated through the use of electrolytes and healthy ingredients.  Pop one of these if you happen to get behind on water intake or give to that hard headed friend who refuses to balance their extra-curricular beverage consumption with water. You know who you are.


Dancing around from stage to stage and popping from tent to tent can wear your feet out by the end of a festival day. Preparation for all that revelry is key. Have shoes that are broken in and comfortable as well as offer extra support should you need it. Bring shoes that you won’t mind getting dirty and muddy or can easily be washed off. My preferred foot cover are flip flops like the I Love Gurus sandals which are made from natural rubber sustainably sourced from their family farms in India. Gurus use natural rubber as the primary ingredient, making them much better for the planet. If you’d like to try a pair use discount code “Nitika15” for 15% off of your entire purchase at  I Love Gurus.

Allow me to stress the importance of having a pair of boots with you at the festival! Where I live in Virginia it either has rained just before we arrive or will rain once we are there. To me, there is nothing worse than walking around with mud caked tennis shoes and soggy socks. The first time we went to Camp Barefoot there was a downpour a few hours before we pulled in and there were mud bogs everywhere. I didn’t have anyone to make helpful suggestions *wink* so we were woefully under prepared. Our car got stuck in one of these mud bogs and we had to get out to push it free. We only had cute shoes that matched our outfits that we didn’t want to get dirty. So, my husband Joshua wrapped plastic shopping bags around his feet to push the car. As we spun tires and kicked up mud onto other people’s tents some poor guy took pity and helped push us out of the mud. The bags didn’t help and Joshua’s shoes were ruined. If we’d had boots it wouldn’t have been a big deal as our pants could have been tucked in and socks would have been dry too.  I have other cautionary tales which spurred me to write this post. If you want to hear more I’m happy to share.

Clean Up:

What do you do when you are camping at a festival for multiple days. Come prepared! Bring extra water, hand sanitizer and towelettes. When you are in the middle of nature burning justice with your favorite bands, lovin up on all your new friends and clasping hands while practicing acro yoga it’s a good idea to refresh often. Use some of that extra water you brought to get a nice clean up in case there are no showers at the event. Warm a conservative amount on your cook stove and have a wash up before starting your day or hitting the hay after a long night. I prefer Dr. Bronners and EO brand sanitizers or you can make your own hand sanitizer with one of these recipes from Pinterest. I go for a sturdy moist towelette like the Yes To brand that I can use on body and face like these that I picked up at Bed Bath & Beyond using their 20% off coupon.

Most of the festivals I have attended do the best job possible to service the port-a-johns and keep them clean. Even still, I’m a gigantic germaphobe and will do most anything to avoid using one. Your squat game may be on point but the GoGirl is a cleaner way to go for a pee pee assist.  Joshua gave me one of these female urination devices as a gift since he knows how much I despise germ filled port-a-potties. Now you too can take a stand, unzip, hold the unit snugly against your body and let her rip. Flush it with a bit of water, shake dry and store back in its tube for next time. If you see me at Shensara Festival standing wide legged at the tree line you’ll know why.

Bad, Baby sent me some dry shampoo and hairspray pens to try and I’m adding them to my list here. After all the perspiration and glitter dusting your coiffure may need a touch up as well. Spray the dry shampoo at the roots of your hair, wait a few minutes, brush, then style. Jury is still out on this as I haven’t tried the dry shampoo in the heat of the summer on my hair type yet. Stay tuned, I’ll report back in the fall.


Getting caught in the rain without the right type of equipment is almost enough to make you want to pack up and go home. At the very least have an umbrella. Festivals are rain or shine and you don’t want to miss the hottest band because you are huddled in your car away from the rain. I rather enjoy the rain but only if I’m prepared. In addition to the rain boots mentioned above bring a rain jacket or poncho. If someone in your group has access to a pop up tent bring it. A pop up tent is not only shelter from the elements but can serve as a meet up spot for your friends to gather. Don’t forget about electronics. You’ll need some place water proof to store your phone, camera and other equipment in the event of rain. Check out this cute little fanny pack and dry sacs that can be reused year after year.  

The last thing that you need, which outweighs all else, is a stellar attitude. Things pop up that have the potential to make your festival experience uncomfortable but you don’t have to allow it to take you down. Be flexible in your mindset and adjust your plans to accommodate challenges as they arise and you’ll have a good time no matter what. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or graciously offer your assistance. Everyone wants to have a good time and in the words of Snoop, “ain’t no fun if your homies can’t have none!”

By Nitika Achalam, The Organized Yogi

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Precious - July 19, 2017

Since I’m new to camping out, what I’ve read here U’ve given me ideas I had not even-imagined to bring to an outings!
With what U suggested I will scale back on the non essentials
That I had in mine to bring & use more from Ur list, a seasoned camper. My backpack will B lighter & look forward to an enjoyable, exciting week end! TY so much from a newby!! Precious ❣️

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