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Why Do Yoga?

Yoga is a holistic practice that incorporates the mind body connection. It works on your breathing habits, concentration skills and the ability to focus on the present. Yoga is important for all people and especially for the competitive athlete. Practicing yoga gives the body a very real and tangible edge. The philosophy of yoga is […]

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When Shedding Is a Good Thing.

Shed limiting beliefs and live the life of your dreams! ~ Koya Webb We all have dreams, we all want good things for ourselves and loved ones, right? Make space for those dreams by letting go of the qualities that no longer serve you. For example, fear, procrastination, arrogance, impatience, resentment can be replaced with […]

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Welcome to True Grit Yoga!

We finally finished all the details and the new site is up and running. Please look around, share this page with your friends, and subscribe to TGY news by entering your email in the box below. We’ll keep you up to date on classes, workshops, events and other details as they are added. See you […]

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